Kelly Gable — Gossip and Liar, Possible Alcoholic

Grace Episcopal Alexandria: Kelly Gable
Grace Episcopal Alexandria: Kelly Gable

Checking out Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria Virginia? If so, you need to know about Kelly Gable.

Kelly has been a member for a number of years. Loud and boisterous, she can often be found prior to services near the church entrance, disturbing others with her raucous and inappropriate laughter.

But there’s more. By her own statement, “People think I’m a raging alcoholic.” While I cannot assess whether or not that is accurate, one thing is clear, and that is that Kelly is a gossip, a defamer and a liar.

In an email to former rector Bob Malm, Kelly accused me of embezzling from a previous employer and being a compulsive liar. As to the former, that is a bold-faced lie, and I have challenged her publicly to put her money where her mouth is and file a police report. Needless to say, I’m still a free man, despite the fact that embezzlement of all but the most inconsequential sums is a felony in Virginia.

Here is her email, as forwarded by perjuring priest Bob Malm, who also lied about the timing of my arrival at the church:

Grace Episcopal Alexandria: Kelly Gable


Kelly’s claim is doubly disturbing because I hired her while serving as executive director of RPJ Housing in order to help her during a period of extended unemployment. Her time there was, to put it generously, an adequate effort, marked by multiple instances in which she simply decided not to show up for work.

As to her claims that I am a “compulsive liar,” that is a clinical phrase, and Kelly does not have the professional training to make that statement.

In addition, during her time with RPJ Housing, we had other unsavory behavior on Kelly’s part, including an effort on her part to take over my personal Facebook page. She did so using her access to the organization’s email, then went in to my email account, added her email of, and removed mine. Nothing gave her the right to take over a personal account, and it took legal action to dislodge Kelly from my Facebook account.

There’s also a larger issue, which is that Kelly’s behavior is considered acceptable at Grace Episcopal Church. Indeed, Alison Campbell, Jan Spence, and Lisa Medley — three fat, mean, women who are bullies in the parish — decided to weigh in on Kelly’s behalf with the sort of interpersonal games that go on in church.  One of the results is that Grace Church is being sued for defamation.

So, forewarned is forearmed. If you decide to get involved with Grace Church, that is part of the package deal. You can read more on church abuse blog The Wartburg Watch here.

One final note: This site is not an official publication of Grace Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, or Kelly Gable, and is not endorsed or affiliated with any of these parties.